Established in 2018 as a not-for-profit foundation #PersonBeforePatient understood that health was individual and complex.

Encompassing every aspect of life.. 

Physically, emotionally, societally, environmentally and economically.

If health was only understood in the context of illness, then new ways of ‘health stories’ needed to be told, heard and shared. 

Before stories could be told, new ways of helping individuals understand what health meant for them.

To see how 'health' could exist within the ever ever changing cycle of life and modern society.

Understanding Self

The Spiral 

Finding Connections


What does it mean to be healthy?
Physically, emotionally, societally, environmentally & economically.

Telling Stories of Health 

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Announcement - October 2022:

 #PersonBeforePatient can no longer exist as a registered foundation, and formally will cease to exist.  The reasons for this are due to the launch of a commercial venture - The Spiral Experience - in which one of the founding trustees  Carla van de Guchte has both claimed development of a collaborative activity and in the registering claims copyright of the idea. There are many aspects to this new initiative which may be different; and the lack of reference, credit and collaboration which exists far before the development #PersonBeforePatient has created many mixed emotions. However post launch of ‘the spiral experience’ it was clear that to remain a trustee of #PersonBeforePatient and the similarities in activity was a conflict of interest. Her resignation was accepted on 8 November 2022.

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