What does it feel like to have a Meniere's Attack?


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Seeing & Hearing 

On the 7th January 2022, I was lying on my back, floating in an outdoor swimming pool and saw this ‘almost bird shaped cloud’ in the sky.

It was glorious. 

choose to understand it as visual confirmation that ‘everything was going to be ok’. It was the day (the still yet to develop) ‘Project 42’ was formed. Later, arriving home - my natural nature (the optimist) crumbled. I realised I needed to see more of the sky - a daily intent - but the what I had seen was a warning. 

Life shattered. 

Share your Colours 2022

28th February 2022 - Rare Disease Day. So many of the stories are truly inspirational - this is my contribution. 

All art work created by Ruth Wilson 

Battle to find the Beauty 

After decades of living with Meniere’s Disease; I decided to share my personal story. 

Written on 9th April 2022 - approx 6 mins read. 

All art work by Ruth Wilson. 

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